Kevin Durant is here to make one thing perfectly clear.


Contrary to what some NBA fans and a certain Inside the NBA commentator may believe, KD was still a main source behind the Warrriors winning a consecutive titles. That doesn’t mean he did it by himself tho. Durant will tell you himself that he “never done anything I want to do on this Earth of significance by myself.”

In fact, Durant believes whatever success he achieves with the Brooklyn Nets comes due to a “contribution from everybody.”

“I never made winning about me, even when I was at Golden State,” Durant said per Washington Post. “I could’ve easily stepped out and said, ‘Yeah, this is my s—.’ I never did that. I didn’t even come here to prove to people that I could win on my own.” I can’t put all the pressure on myself, I did that before. You want it all, you want to experience it all, but it wasn’t good for my sanity trying to put everything on me.”

Which is why the suggestion that he rode Golden States’ coattails to immoratlity strikes such a nerve. Like he said, KD never did anything by himself.

“I hated that,” Durant says. “Riding coattails? That’ll never happen when I’m playing basketball. Either I’m going to step back, so you can go ahead and do your thing, or I’m going to take control.”

It’s probably why he’s been so adamant about seperating the time he’s spent with the Warriors to what he’s doing now with the Nets. And why he’s known for challenging basketball fans that like to give him a hard time about his controversial decision to sign with Golden State in 2016 and believe his sensitive because he has a burner account or takes time to talk to fans who want to talk about basketball with him.

The former MVP and Brooklyn will take on the Warriors on Wednesday.

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