LEAGUEBIZ is our new series highlighting people who love basketball and used it to launch amazing careers as executives, sports agents, photographers, agency founders and more.

This episode features Alexys Feaster, Lisle Bowen, and Tracy McGrady as they share their stories of how they fell in love with basketball, the impact the game has had on their lives, and how they found their passion for entrepreneurship & community building.

Check it out below.

They also discuss the One on One Basketball League (OBL) and the impact they hope to have on young athletes by providing them with opportunities to grow their brands and explore other passions beyond the court.

Future episodes feature NBA team executives, player agents, basketball photographers, agency founders and more. The first season of League Biz includes five episodes in total and will roll out every two weeks over the next two months.

To follow as each episodes rolls out, follow SLAM’s YouTube channel and the @LeagueBiz Instagram page.

Photo courtesy of Tidal League.

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