Patrick Beverley played for the Clippers from 2017-2021, thriving as a two-way bulldog of a point guard that consistently got under opposing players’ nerves. One team that got the worst of that bulldog mentality was the Lakers, the Clippers’ rival from down the hall.

The two LA franchises have experienced a big bro-lil bro since the inception of the two rivals. The Lakers played the big brother role, winning nine titles since the Hallway Series began in 1983-84. However, the little brother Clippers have caught up in the last decade, becoming a perennial playoff contender while the Lakers floundered due to front-office shakiness and numerous coaching changes.

Since the 2013-14 season, the Clippers have dominated the series, 32-7, against their down-the-hall big bro. Beverley went 10-5 against the Lakers during his four-year tenure with the Lakers. When he was asked about what he remembered and cherished the most about the Hallway Series, Beverley said that he cherished “winning most of them.

When asked how those lessons can apply now that he’s a Laker, Beverley noted that the Lakers “have to stick with the gameplan.”

“The key is sticking to your gameplan, whatever that gameplan is,” Beverley said matter of factly. “Being on the other side is definitely gonna be fun tonight, for sure.”

Patrick Beverley reflects on being part of the LA battles with the Clippers: “Winning most of them.”

— Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina) October 20, 2022

The Hallway Series resumes Thursday when the two Western Conference foes meet at Arena at 10 P.M. PT.

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