The Utah Jazz’s offseason has been anything but quiet this summer.

The dispatch of Rudy Gobert to Minnesota has led to speculation around the future of All-Star guard Donovan Mitchell, according to Tim Daniels of Bleacher Report.

However, Utah has come out expressing its unwillingness to trade Mitchell following the Gobert deal. ESPN’s Brian Windhorst has also confirmed that Mitchell will not force anything.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reporting this morning that Donovan Mitchell plans to “stand pat” in Utah and is “not gonna force any action right now”

— Tommy Beer (@TommyBeer) July 7, 2022

“On Mitchell’s side, he’s going to stand pat,” Windhorst said. “He’s not going to force any action right now.”

Since 2016-17, the Utah Jazz has not been able to progress in the playoffs past the second round. They have already hired a new coach in Will Hardy and sent Gobert away in a pivotal deal bringing back four first-rounders (three that have no protections at all) and four new players.

The team wants to hold onto Mitchell and retool around the multi-time All-Star.

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