According to multiple reports, the WNBA will reportedly allow coaches to challenge one play a game next season and are set to heighten the penalty for transition take fouls. No official announcement on the rule changes has been made.

The League’s competition committee recommended the rules changes, and the WNBA Board of Governors approved the rule changes. Both rules will take effect next season and are already used in the NBA.

WNBA coaches are allowed to challenge once per game, regardless of whether the challenge is successful or not. Challenges can be used to get an instant replay review of a foul, out-of-bounds violations, or a goaltending call.

The transition take foul, when a team deliberately fouls a player to stop a fast break, will award one free throw to the team that gets fouled. Anyone on the court can shoot the freebie, and the fouled team gets the ball back. The player who committed the foul will, of course, be assessed a foul.

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