As one of the League’s most consistent stars for a decade-plus, James Harden’s creativity has revolutionized the game. As he gets ready to lead the Sixers in the NBA Playoffs, we teamed up with Philly-native King Saladeen to reimagine our SLAM 243 Cover of the NBA superstar.

King Saladeen’s Artist Series remix of SLAM 243 was inspired by the flash of James Harden. Saladeen has seen Harden catch fire so many times, drilling stepback after stepback, that he emblazoned the former MVP’s name in front of his hometown, the city of Philly.

This exclusive cover, which is available now, features King Saladeen’s signature, as well as aspects of his iconic style, including the money signs.

For the cover of SLAM 243, we caught up with the Beard to talk about his influence on a cultural level, what he thinks about the All-Star snub and most notably, how he wants to be remembered after his legendary career.

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