Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green is one of the more outspoken professionals in the League. He uses his multiple platforms to share his insight on controversial topics going on, not only in the NBA but also around the world. Recently, Green used his podcast to call out the NBA’s decision to give Phoenix Suns/Mercury owner Robert Sarver a one-year suspension after his work misconduct allegations.

Sarver was caught using several offensive languages around his respected organizations. With reports coming out stating he used the ‘N-Word’ frequently, as well as misogynistic comments, Draymond Green opened up about how this makes a representation of the NBA.

“That’s bulls–t. You can’t continue to represent way more people than yourself with those views,” said Green. “With speaking to people the way he did, with treating African Americans and women the way he has. That’s not OK.”

The NBA has been able to address racial justice matters pretty seriously, however, this recent polemic on behalf of Sarver has the basketball community believing he should be removed from his position and banned for life.

The support of the Black Lives Matter movement since 2020 and the termination of former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling back in 2015, make this case look rather simple for League commissioner Adam Silver. However, he ponders the idea that removing the rights to Sarver’s ownership of the teams is too much to get behind. Essentially, Silver believes the 10 million dollar fine and one-year suspension will serve as a lesson for the inappropriate acts caused by Sarver.

“What it would take to remove that team from his control is a very involved process,” said Silver. “and it’s different than holding a job. It just is. When you actually own a team, it’s just a very different proposition.”

Green called on League governors to vote on Sarver’s position. To remove him, a vote is required from at least three-quarters of the board, per Baxter Holmes of ESPN. Draymond Green continues to shed light on matters that need to be discussed around the league, and his input will certainly re-adjust the decision of Adam Silver.

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