Draymond Green has come under fire after his Game 3 performance left much to be desired. The 32-year-old forward posted just two points, four rebounds, three assists, and one block before fouling out in 35 minutes of action in Golden States’ 116-100 loss to the Boston Celtics.

A significant source of contention from NBA luminaries like Isiah Thomas and Kendrick Perkins is Green’s regular podcasting during the playoffs. The two NBA champions have questioned if Green’s apparent lack of focus and pondered could be attributed to his recording episodes of The Draymond Green Podcast so soon after playoff games are finished.

Even Coach Ime Udoka and the Celtics have found time to dissect Green’s podcast, using Green’s content to help them scout the Warriors, according to Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report.

So what’s Green’s response to all these inquiries?

“Y’all gone get this podcast like I told y’all the beginning of these playoffs,” Green declared. “This podcast ain’t going nowhere.”

“Y’all gone get this podcast. Win, lose, draw. Hoisting the trophy, putting my ring on my finger, you name it.”

Draymond Green goes off on the recent criticism of his podcast. pic.twitter.com/VAm8jNjdbc

— Complex Sports (@ComplexSports) June 9, 2022

Green’s media responsibilities have grown in the last few months. In January, he signed a unique deal with TNT that would allow him to be a contributor for their iconic NBA show, Inside the NBA. To clarify, Green doesn’t get tired of talking his talk on the court, on his podcast, or TV. Like he said, “y’all gon’ get this podcast.”

“It’s all business, you know? The way I view my podcast is that I’m operating a business. Like, you can’t get tired of operating your own business, or it fails. So, it’s something that I take as serious as I do basketball. And so, if I’m going to show up for the game, I show up for (the podcast), or it doesn’t work.”

Green also goes into detail about how he operates as a podcaster, reitterating that building his audience, gaining their trust as a player in media, and making sure his audience gets the most for investing their time into listening to him. The former Michigan State Spartan also said this is all something he feels he is obligated to do.

“Ultimately, it’s understanding what’s important to you. My podcast is important to me. I’ve worked to get that to where it is and to build that audience. And I think it’s very important for me in understanding and building that audience you have to continue to give to them, you know? They’re giving you their ear. They’re giving you their time, and so you have to continue to give what you can give to them. For me, that’s an obligation more so than a want. I want to do it, and I enjoy doing it. But at the end of the day, if you’ve built an audience, and they’ve given you their ear and they’ve given you their time, you appreciate that, and you make sure you give back to them what they’re giving to you.”

Game 4 is scheduled for Friday, and Boston leads the series with a 2-1 lead over Golden State. The series then shifts to San Francisco for Game 5.

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