After 19 years in the NBA, Carmelo Anthony has officially announced he is retiring from the game.

From Denver to New York, we’ve captured Melo’s career over the years as one of the coldest scorers to ever do it. He’s graced the cover of SLAM six times, guest edited our Social Justice Special Issue and just last year, appeared on an episode of LeagueFits’ Survival of the Fitted podcast alongside Dwyane Wade.

To celebrate his legacy, here’s a look back at our Carmelo Anthony SLAM covers and more.

SLAM 105

 “I think just knowing what’s ahead of me, what’s in my future, it humbled me. That’s just making me more comfortable on the court. And when I ain’t laughin’ and smilin’ on the court, I don’t play right.”

SLAM 162

You can view every Carmelo Anthony SLAM cover ever in our SLAM Cover Gallery.

In 2020, Carmelo Anthony and his son, Kiyan, appeared on the cover of our Special Issue.

Melo and Wade broke down the evolution of fashion in the NBA and how it has changed since the 2003 NBA Draft, why the NBA dress code came into effect and where they would like to see fashion go next. Check it out.

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