The Detroit Pistons’ future seems to be bright after drafting Cade Cunningham and Jaden Ivey in back-to-back drafts. Cunningham will be the smooth operator of the franchise, while Ivey will provide the excitement and make the Pistons a League-pass darling with his elite athleticism.

Combine that with the two-way play of Saddiq Bey and the presence of vets like Kemba Walker, Nerlens Noel, and Marvin Bagley III, Detroit could be knocking on the steps of a playoff berth.

Detroit legend Jalen Rose can be counted among the Pistons fan excited to see what the Pistons are capable of. The Fab Five legend was reportedly thrilled about the Pistons drafting Ivery with the fifth overall pick in the 2022 Draft. Ivey’s father, Javin, was born and raised in the city, his grandfather, James, played for the Lions, and his mother, Coach Niele (at Notre Dame), played in the WNBA for the defunct Detroit Shock.

His highest expectations have been saved for Cunningham and Ivey, who he believes will be next in line to continue the tradition of Pistons All-Star backcourts.

“When you talk to me about the Pistons, it made me think about great backcourts,” Rose said at the 12th annual Jalen Rose Leadership Academy Celebrity Golf Classic on Monday at Detroit Golf Club. “There was my biological father, Jimmy Walker, and Dave Bing was an All-Star backcourt in the 70s. And then Bad Boys, Joe Dumars, and Isiah Thomas was an All-Star backcourt, right? How about Chauncey B-B-Billups and Rip Hamilton? An All-Star backcourt. I think we now have another All-Star backcourt in Jaden and Cade Cunningham.”

All the things I like about the Pistons’ roster!

— Jalen Rose (@JalenRose) August 22, 2022

Rose compared Cunningham to former Pistons All-Star Grant Hill at this same event last year. Cunningham averaged 17.4 points, 5.5 rebounds, 5.6 assists, and 1.2 steals per game in his first season and finished third in Rookie of the Year voting. His leadership on and off the floor quickly endeared him to Detroit’s front office, coaching staff, and locker room. 

“I believe the way Cade not only led and matured on and off the floor last year, and was not only able to create his own shot and be a lot more effective and efficient, just look at the way he played against the Nets, going against (Kevin Durant),” Rose said. “Now for him to have somebody that’s going to make the game easier for him because Ivey’s a blur, he’s been knocking down shots in practice, working really hard. I’m really excited about the potential of our team. I’m excited about the culture that they’re building.”

The Pistons will open their season with a home game against the Orlando Magic.

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