It’s been some time since the Boston Celtics lost their first NBA Finals appearance since 2010.

Their featured superstar, Jayson Tatum, has let the six-game series loss to the Warriors inspire him to want to reach greater heights for the upcoming regular-season campaigns. Although his Finals debut didn’t end the way he expected, Tatum has used the loss and his time off to reflect on what he had learned from the process.

“(I learned) that I’m 24 and one of the best players in the world and that I will compete against whoever and take on that challenge,” Tatum said via The Athletic. “In that same breath, I feel like there’s so much I could be better at, and I think that’s the exciting part. That I’m at where I’m at, where there’s so much more I can be, so much more I can learn, and so many more experiences to go through.”

Strong words from the budding superstar who has reached top 10 status in the NBA but sees himself (and the team) getting better over time.

“It’s not a ‘for sure’ thing, you know. You have to put in the work. You have to take the right steps,” Tatum said. “But I’m positive that we got the right group that will buy-in, and we can’t look past anything and just try to coast our way to the finals. We gotta start from training camp.”

Tatum and the Celtics are ready to go at training camp to make it back to the Finals, hopefully holding the Larry O’Brien trophy in their clutches.

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