The Dallas Wings got to host and chop it up with a vital piece of United States history, as Opal Lee- the “grandmother” of Juneteenth was sitting courtside at the game against the Seattle Storm, as reported by Arie Graham of TheNextHoops. 

For over forty years, Lee has been at the forefront of making Juneteenth a federally recognized holiday. At the age of 95, her age hasn’t stopped her activism; even back in 2016, when she was 89-years-old, Lee walked from Fort Worth, TX, to Washington D.C. to show her support. Finally, like many others, Lee can officially celebrate Juneteenth as a federally recognized holiday on June 19th.  

Hosting Lee before the holiday weekend was crucial not only for Coach Vickie Johnson but also for her players.

“It was great for my players to see such great history. She is someone who has experienced so much in life and has fought for other people. She has done what God has placed us on this earth to do — and that is to serve other people,” Johnson said per TheNextHoops

The players got the chance to talk about what needs to change, gain insight, and most importantly, be inspired by Lee’s legacy. One of which was forward Satou Sabally.

“We have to protect each other, protect humankind. She said that it isn’t going to happen in a day, but over time you can change minds and use the power we have in our hands. Pay attention to homelessness, schooling, and education. Be involved in rallies and walks and celebrate Juneteenth but also know the history that America is laid on.” Sabally said. 

The WNBA has continued to make efforts to change and bring attention to social injustices. This relates to Opal Lee’s actions of being able to think outside yourself and fight for something greater.

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