Zion Williamson embodies redefinition. 

He’s shown us new aerial possibilities. Ruthless left-handed spikes on the heads of poor souls just trying to rotate over from the weak side. But they just can’t hover above in the way that he can. 

He’s shown us new layers of fandom. Most old heads don’t think that a superstar athlete would love anime in the way that Z does. But they just can’t see how much Naruto translates to real life in the way that he can. 

He’s shown us new sides of vulnerability. He’s a screamer, a high-level emoter during games, especially after those aforementioned atmospheric forays. Even as the No. 1 overall pick, a young millionaire with “the life” at the ready for him, he’s been real enough to share that he feels isolation in the success. 

All these pieces that seemingly shouldn’t fit together add up to make Williamson the rarity that he is. Insanely capable of superhuman feats and ordinary humanity at the very same time. 

Yo, also, somehow he’s only 22 years old. Already an All-Star, already a historically accomplished player for his field-goal percentage, already two signature sneakers deep with Jordan Brand, already real enough to be real. 

The Jordan Zion 2 has a decoupled outsole with a larger Air Strobel unit in the heel and Zoom Air (20 percent more than the standard Air bag) in the forefoot. That’s a lot of cushioning, because duh. The support was tripled-down with a high-wrapping cup sole. And varying materials across the upper lead to a forefoot strap for even more support. 

The many panels and materials and technologies within the Zion 2 reflect the man who wears them. Multidimensional and unique, with what’s hidden eventually revealing itself through new layers and sides and, of course, a bunch of dunks. 

Photos via Getty Images. Portrait by Atiba Jefferson.

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