Basketball is the only sport that looks up in the sky.

In Porretta Terme, Italy, an entire small town is connected to the spirit and oneness of basketball. It’s there that filmmakers documented The Church of Basketball, a short film about how their community is celebrating their love and spiritual connection with the game.

From hosting the first-ever celebration in honor of the patron saint of basketball to having an entire church dedicated to the game— where people play for a good season, a jumpshot and healed injuries—this film captures how basketball truly can elevate the human soul.

Check it out below.

The film includes appearances from local people in the town, as well as NYU Professor David Hollander, author of How Basketball Can Save the World” (read here). Even from thousands of miles away, Hollander shares compelling stories of how he and his students got involved in supporting the community in Porretta Terme and more.

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